A true all around prospect!

Finish him in Reined Cow Horse and make lots of money at shows. Or take him and make him a rope horse(which he would do amazing at!). I have heeled the heelomatic many times and taken a few lessons on the flag and a cow... but due to no cows of our own haven't been able to finish him in either:/ I don't head but think he would be better at that than heeling but haven't tried him at it. He has roped steers at a branding and drug them to the fire though!


He is solid enough all things reining to have a novice show on him in that and do just fine, but will need another couple months of training to make truly finished in it. 


He does GREAT outside and on Trails. Anyone could do that super easy and never have any problems!

He's started on the barrels and ready to add speed. 

He rides around great bareback with just your legs and no reins as well. 

He is very safe for kids! I have given many lessons on him as young as 2 yrs old(he carries around younger but I lead him with those).

He is currently being ridden in a rounded port bridle and does very well with it, but obviously not finished. I switch between that and a correction bit for the reining. I still use a snaffle for training cow work. 


This horse will do ANYTHING you ask of him!!!

He is more on the lazy side but can get up and go when you ask it of him. Plus it means that slides are longer cause he loves to stop:)

Stands at 14.3


With Kids: https://youtu.be/Z7FD4h3NKRk

Reining: https://youtu.be/6lZyHUiedkY




Located in Sun River, Montana


Consigned by K x A Quarter Horses


Contact agent Crystal Andersen for more information



2016- GENTLE GENTLE Gelding