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Opheim, MT, USA


Brittany Allestad 4062090915


We have owned Rolo since he was a month old at his dam’s side. We purchased the duo specifically for the mare after riding a couple of horses that shared her same sire. Since, we have raised and ridden 3 other horses out of her and all share Rolo’s same personality. They are very dependable, excellent minded, cow horses.
Rolo has experienced all aspects of ranch work. Big gathers, dragging calves, sorting in the alley, pairing out, doctoring and has been hauled a lot. He is easy to shoe, bath and catch, in fact he’s almost always the first to greet you from the herd. He rides off fine wether in a big group or alone. He’s a no nonsense style and will go anywhere you point him. He is sure footed and fun to use on the ranch. With his super unique coloring and look you won’t go unnoticed riding him. He’s been used by our entire family and is definitely kid safe.


Located in Opheim Montana 
Consigned by Brittany Allestad 4062090915

*Recent Vet Exam

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